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Everything you ever wanted to know about peppers. Hot ones, mild ones, nuclear meltdown ones!Everything you ever wanted to know about peppers. Hot ones, mild ones, nuclear meltdown ones!Order Guerras peppers and pepper products--including tickets to the Chile Pepper Festival in August.Recipes for everything from chile pepper chicken to jalapeno ice cream!About Guerras produce. Three generations! Meet the whole family of pepper growers!

Habanero (Orange)

Dark green to orange, orange-red, or red when fully ripe. Lantern shaped, and measuring about 2 inches long and 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches in diameter. The habanero (meaning "from Havana") is used extensively in the Yucatan and is the hottest of any chile grown in Central America or the Caribbean, and indeed, the rest of the world. Users beware! It has been estimated that the habanero is 30 to 50 times hotter than the jalapeno, and it can have an irritating effect in the mouth and on the fingers. Be careful when handling. In spite of its fierce, intense heat, it has a wonderful, distinctive flavor with tropical fruit tones that mix well with food containing tropical fruits or tomatoes. The ripe habanero is a little sweeter and has a more developed fruitiness than the green habanero. Closely related to the Scotch bonnet and the Jamaican hot chiles. Mainly used in salsas, chutneys, marinades for seafood, and pickled (en escabeche. It is becoming increasingly popular in the United States as a bottled condiment sauce.

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